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How a Chiropractor Can Help With Headaches

Chiropractic Care Shines in Multicenter Clinical Trial

Cervicogenic headaches can be an agonizing condition that affects the quality of life for countless individuals. For those seeking alternative therapies the latest clinical study on spinal manipulation and perineural electrical dry needling offers promising results. This multicenter randomized clinical trial emphasizes the role of a chiropractor in providing headache relief.

Understanding Cervicogenic Headaches

Before delving into the clinical study's findings, it's essential to grasp what cervicogenic headaches are. These headaches originate in the neck and are often associated with musculoskeletal issues such as spinal dysfunction or muscle tension. Traditional medical approaches primarily focus on medication for pain management, but this clinical trial explores a different path to relief utilizing chiropractic care.

The Study

In this study researchers investigated the effectiveness of spinal manipulation and perineural electrical dry needling in patients suffering from cervicogenic headaches. Conducted across multiple medical centers, this randomized clinical trial provides valuable insights into non-pharmacological treatments for this debilitating condition.

Key Findings

The study revealed several key findings that underscore the positive impact of seeing a chiropractor:

Pain Reduction: Patients who received spinal manipulation and perineural electrical dry needling from a qualified provider like a chiropractor experienced significant reductions in cervicogenic headache pain. This non-pharmacological approach stands out as an effective pain management strategy.

Improved Quality of Life: The treatment group reported an overall improvement in their quality of life. With reduced pain and discomfort, patients were better able to engage in daily activities and enjoy a better standard of living.

Minimal Side Effects: Unlike pharmaceutical treatments that may come with side effects, the chiropractic interventions in this study were associated with minimal adverse effects. This makes chiropractic care an attractive option for those seeking headache relief without the potential complications of medications.

Sustainable Results: The benefits of chiropractic care were not merely short-lived. The study demonstrated that the relief obtained through spinal manipulation and perineural electrical dry needling was sustainable over time, making it a viable long-term solution.

Chiropractors' Role

Chiropractors are at the forefront of this non-pharmacological approach to cervicogenic headache management. Their expertise in spinal health and their ability to provide targeted spinal manipulation and perineural electrical dry needling have the potential to revolutionize how patients with cervicogenic headaches find relief. This study underscores the vital role of chiropractors in offering a holistic and non-invasive solution for headache sufferers.


Reducing Medication Dependency: The study suggests that chiropractic care can reduce patients' dependency on pain medications, offering a safer and more natural alternative.


The multicenter randomized clinical trial on spinal manipulation and perineural electrical dry needling for cervicogenic headaches highlights the crucial role of a chiropractor in non-pharmacological headache management. The positive findings from this study emphasize the potential benefits of chiropractic care for those suffering from this painful condition. By focusing on patient-centered, holistic, and sustainable solutions chiropractors are increasingly becoming a vital part of the healthcare landscape for cervicogenic headache patients. As healthcare providers and patients continue to explore non-pharmacological options for managing pain, chiropractors are well-positioned to play a pivotal role in improving the lives of those with cervicogenic headaches.

Reference: Dunning, J., Butts, R., Zacharko, N., Fandry, K., Young, I., Wheeler, K., Day, J., & Fernández-de-las-Peñas, C. (2021). Spinal manipulation and perineural electrical dry needling in patients with cervicogenic headache: a multicenter randomized clinical trial. The Spine Journal, 21, 284-195.


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